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A brand is a brand…is a brand

A longstanding pet peeve of mine is the term “work-life balance”. Or questions which reference each term in isolation… “How is work life these days?” or “How are you managing your personal life?” Truth: I am one person. At any given moment I am performing an activity (or much to my husband’s chagrin multiple activities, simultaneously). Sometimes the activity is for my professional role which I get rewarded for in money, purpose and emotional satisfaction. Sometimes the activity is for a chosen role which I get rewarded for in love, fun, pride or joy. They are not two separate lives. I get triggered in a similar way when I hear company leaders talk in mutually exclusive terms about their talent brand (employer brand) AND their corporate brand. Here’s a little not so new secret… You have ONE brand. Some corporations have a parent brand / sub-brand architecture, in which case […]

Losing Control To Gain Control

I’ll admit it. I was a stereotypical youngest child raised by very religious, slightly OCD baby boomer parents who rewarded type-A behaviors and discouraged anything less than straight A’s + all-star athlete status. I grew up hearing “practice makes perfect” and “you control your own destiny”, (which is somewhat of a raging oxymoron unto itself). Then, with a little spiritual awakening, some life coaching and a lot of life experiences, I let go. I came to terms with the emotionless truth that I actually had no control over much of anything (besides my attitude) in life. And furthermore, it would be super boring if I did. It brought an almost magical sense of relief… that I could finally stop pretending to manage a false illusion, and finally just do my best to optimize reality that simply was. The way I was living my life was no different than the way […]

The Difference

I have a very eclectic taste in music, mostly because I’m drawn equally to good lyrics as I am to a good beat. Somewhere in there lies a deep love for modern country music. One of my favorite songs right now is “The Difference” by Tyler Rich (click if you need a catchy listen). In it, Rich highlights how small changes in words or phrases actually have quite substantial difference in meaning. In Tyler’s case, his message was about relationships. Here, we’re talking about brand strategy. So let’s explore the difference between employer branding and talent branding head on… For a long time I’ve held titles with the phrase “Employer Brand” in them. I’ve also seen the search results behind this term rise exponentially from 0-